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12 more days!

Although it’s a scary thought, I am announcing with confidence that the birth of my son has been pre-determined! He will be delivered by C-Section on 8/31/10 at 4pm. I fell in love with a September birthday but I would much rather have a healthy baby and a safe delivery. Korey has been in the transverse position (showing no signs of flipping) since the first trimester! I have a stubborn one on my hands, but I love him with all of my heart!

Dreaming of the day I would become a mother did not include me having a c-section, so I have done my research to pump myself up on what to e. After all, it is major surgery! Click here to see the position of my baby! Make sure you scroll down to the “Fetus in transverse lie” photo, of course.


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My name is Kristen. I am a mother to a little boy who is scheduled to make his debut on 8/31/10. I have found a new interest in crafts, baking, and DIY projects and hope to share them all with you once I get things rolling:-)